Capital Region Math Tutors

Our Services

Since 1999, we have provided educational services to hundreds of students each year in the Capital Region of New York State. We can now reach students anywhere in the US via Zoom and other services.  

The Process

We strive to keep the process as simple as possible. A tutor/student relationship can begin almost immediately and there are no contracts to sign.  We know our tutors personally and are in constant contact with them.

  • Peruse our tutors' profiles.  
  • Fill out a contact form.
  • The tutor will contact you within 24 hours.
  • You pay the tutor directly. 
  • You continue the relationship as long as it is beneficial! 


All of our tutors can work virtually via online platforms like Zoom.

On occasion, tutors may be able to meet in person.

If the content allows, sessions can be done via phone.  This is ideal for students who are constantly on the move with sports or other commitments.

Individual Sessions

An individual session is $60/hour, payable directly to the tutor via cash, check, or online payment app.

Small Group Sessions

We highly recommend small group sessions. 

  • Lower rate per student
  • Team Atmosphere
  • Different Perspectives

Group of 2:  $50/hour/student

Group of 3:  $40/hour/student

Group of 4:  $35/hour/student

***Clients are responsible for forming groups.

Special Situations

If you have a large group of students interested in going deeper in a particular content area, let the tutor know.  He or she will be able to customize prices and create a curriculum to meet your needs.  This is ideal for homeschooled students.  Call Bill at (518) 428-1082 for more information!